Every touch, every sensation, every taste amplified
Emotions raw and new they can not be quantified

Your heady fragrance lingers from your last embrace
Your persistent proximity makes me forget my place

A smile in your eyes holds me firmly pinned
Wanting to explore every delectable sin

Why do I have to placate and beg forgiveness to mollify
Trying to keep promises, reasons and rationals I won’t qualify

I am screaming at the top of my voice
Freshly grounded in logic I no longer have a choice

It is almost cruel to leave me unsatisfied and unfulfilled
To never experience the thrill or to endure all your skill
Seeing you brings forth a voracity of desire
Time alone with you to partake in all that we require

It started slow with an ache and yearning so vague
Now with a mind of it's own I am constantly plagued

All these feelings bubbling to the surface, I should be frightened
But, when you are around my insides are warm and become tightened

Your presence makes me feel connected and adored
Every movement, every stroke is like a musical chord

Seeking you out first because of curiosity and intrigue
Now I know I don't want to stop until I fall down with fatigue

I plan to feel every sweet inch of you
Even your scent makes me come unglued

Swollen smooth breast taking on a rosey blush
Panting and moaning, I won't be hushed

My Wish

Sculptured silhouettes in soft candle light
Promises of pleasure on luscious lips
Together worshiping in balance
Trembling touches, tantalizing you with pink parts
Lovely languid language whispered
Letting lust linger, such exquisite agony and ecstasy
Shudders explode all over our bodies
Temporarily removed from verity, I need to know I am still alive
Diluted truths and compromised realities, nonetheless I want to feel
Basking in your fragrance, the brush of your hand quickens my pulse
The warmth from your proximity gives me a dull ache inside
Tasting tranquility for a wavering moment, rendering me breathless
Creating a longing so poignant it leaves me vulnerable
My inner core pulsating, awakening butterflies in my stomach