Prisoner Of My Own Sadness

Your words have a way of soothing me
From your influence I never want to be free
Pretending I don’t need you is draining
Unable to explain, my resolve is slowly waning

An inexplicable need that may not make sense
My silence has come at a great expense
Slowly trembling, don’t wipe away my tears
I need them to fall so I can face my fears

This week was so very long, I am feeling defeated
My psyche fragile, emotions raw and depleted
Now knowing what you know, ignorance no longer a strength
Your heart guarded you hold me at arms length

Precariously moving forward, I need to know you will be there
Standing at the edge, I can not revisit that pit of despair
In my thoughts and dreams it is you I secretly crave
To you, my heart and mind I long ago willingly gave


cjn said...

This poem is very sensual and delicate. It would be easy for anyone to read too much into your strong words.

This poem tells a story, which if a person opened their mind to, they would be not only suprised, but maybe they might understand a little better.


B said...

This the very feeling I face every day. My heart has been broken but there is that one out there who makes it alive again. As I wait for him I crave his closeness, his touch, his kiss, his answer to the most waning question I have. Do you want me? Nicely done Tay.