Spotting me your face lights up with a grin
Chewing on my lip, nervousness sets in
I don't know what I am doing here
However, I like when you are near

Starring into your eyes, they are so intense
The desire is palpable, yet mere pleasantries are dispensed
Lust swimming before me like a hazy illusion
Stolen moments with you, a welcoming intrusion

I can still feel the heat from your hug
Your skin smells so good it’s like a drug
My knees become a little weak and I sway
Looking at you, I see myself reflected in a new way

Promises of pleasure on your lips
Placing your hands squarely on my hips
Closing my eyes, bracing myself so I may soar
I want you to make the lioness in me roar


cjn said...

She's back!!!

I love the language you used in this poem, the Rhyme Scheme is wonderful. You my friend have a gift for painting the most beautiful pictures with your words!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

this was glad you told me about this.