Torrid Love Affair

Franticly dreaming of bittersweet love making
Heat can be felt as I wake with a deep aching
My temperature rising, my face feels flush
I am feverish with desire, but I don’t want to rush

Urging you with caresses up and down the length of your back
Find my source of pleasure, give me all the things I have lacked
My blood boils through my veins, I part my legs for you to ease in-between
Take me with a swift thrust, for far to long I have gone unseen

Swollen sweet agony felt deep within
Wondering all my life, where have you been?
Magnetic rhythm takes place, slowly giving and demanding
A sweet rapture takes over my body, you are truly outstanding


cjn said...


The way you use such strong words makes this poem a very hard piece. It depicts a moment of heavy, hard love. The way some of us yearn for.

I am totally amazed at the strength behind your words!

B said...

I love this piece. When I have my bobblehead moment I see this in my head. When it happens just like this I will finally know I am not broken.