A Symphony of a Thousand Embraces

A symphony of a thousand embraces
Whispering sweet nothings, liquid magic took hold
Exploring wet kisses, forever one to mold
It's a race to dance in beauty, tasting your skin
Wanting to feel you within
Sweet visions flood my mind in frustration
I cry out in desperation!
Our bodies play delicate rhythms, bathing in the moonlight
Desires began to soar, intimate in the night
Delicate secrets remembered, to be left shaking
Brilliant trust dawns in morning light


cjn said...

Once again you show such ownership over your poems. You truely "own" your words and make them work and say exactly what you want them to.

I love that I can read your pieces and find so much inside of each one.

I am glad to see you writing again!

B said...

This falls in the things I miss the most. Nice piece.