A Real Crime Of Passion

Your breathing is shallow and I believe you may be asleep
But all I can think about is having you inside me so deep

I am torn because what I am about to do may be considered wrong
Your body reacts to mine, I have waited far to long

Work and exhaustion keep you from meeting all my sexual demands
Up and down the length of your body I sensually run my hands

Through a desert I was wandering, feeling like I was in a drought
A tiny moan escapes your beautiful mouth, gently erasing all my doubts

Ever so quiet so from your slumber you won’t rouse
There is comfortable satisfaction in being naughty to my loving spouse

I position myself above you with my legs straddled
I ride you up and down like I am on a horse, in a saddle

As your shaft moves in and out unsurpassed pleasure is felt
My body becomes all jello like, on to the bed I melt

What I did could be considered a crime
I can’t promise it will be just this one time

Because, I must confess taking from the less then willing
Has become exhilarating and slightly thrilling

It is a good thing I hold you in such high regard
Because I have never, ever cum so hard!


B said...

your naughty. hope you had a nice ride.

cjn said...

WOW! Now that is some passion! Hell hath no fury like an aroused woman! Watch out boy, she'll chew you up. LOL!

This is a great piece!

Anonymous said...

This was another good one....