Ours To Keep

I stumbled upon this artist. She actually is a phenomenal song writer and guitar player. I really like her melodies. Her music and talent will blow you away, so I had to share. This is only a small clip of her song "Ours to keep" I encourage you to seek out her music on youtube.com, itunes or even myspace.com/kinagrannis. Simply amazing! I like "The Goldfish Song" which can be seen on youtube.

Kina Grannis

Ours To Keep

How does circumstance
Seem to cost us every chance
At living out the truth in our hearts

It seems the best laid plans
Fall just outside our hands
And leave us broken down and far apart

But if faith plays a role
I know someday I’ll hold you in my arms forevermore

So let’s love like it’s ours to keep
Love like we’ve always dreamed
And maybe this time
The fates will be kind to us
So let’s love like it’s ours to keep

I wish there was a way
That we could somehow stay
In this perfect moment in time

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