My Muse

Not in light or darkness from you can I hide
In the recesses of my mind you always reside
Your voice softly resonating in my head
From reality I have long ago fled

Memories a mere collection of minutes standing still, silently frozen
Wanton sighs are but toxic reminders of paths not chosen
All this time I never realized I was rooted solidly in place
Ambitions and independence left unchased

By the gods of art and poetry you were my muse
To you nothing could I ever refuse
Defenseless under the moon and star light
Everything put on hold to forever remember this one night

1 comment:

cjn said...

Well, this poem takes a lot of thought, but I can only come to one conclusion about what it is saying. I read it to be about a certain someone from your past that still has a strong place in your life, but now in a different way.

I am not certain that is what your focus was, but that is one of the wonderful things about poetry, two people can read the exact same piece and get two completely opposite ideas about what the poem said.

I truly enjoyed this poem. It is very intricate.