Unrealistic fantasies coagulated in my mind
Venturing far from my comfort, no longer fettered
Plagued with atrophy I need you to breath life into me
Discarding all the things tangible in my life
Usurped to love, it does not vaccinate you to lust and desire
Abandoning reason, I am malleable in your hands
Consumed in the moment, inhibitions lost
Uncontained is my need when your scent lingers on my lips


cjn said...

This poem is intense. It made me think of a woman who is a bad marriage, unhappy and lonely; she desperately desires the warmth of another. A kind of heat that can only be brought forth from a man, but her husband is not fulfilling. She has found herself finding the heat in another’s arms.

P.S. Thank goodness for Webster’s. lol.

that girl said...

love this.