So easily in our youth
We sought honesty and truth
Presented with lofty notions
Decisions made with thought and emotions

Now all grown things appear more jaded
Faith in human kind has all but faded
Ever watchful this burden I carry
It has made my body fragile and weary

Control and order is what I seek
You not believing in me makes me weak
Completely spent I silently exhale
How did I ever get so derailed

Disappointments in life becoming more severe
Gone is a whole decade, where do we go from here
I never knew letting go would be so hard
My heart is in a million tiny shards


cjn said...

This poem has a very sad undertone. When I read it, it makes me think of a couple that was married young, therefore naive with big dreams, but after ten years together, the hard reality of life has truly set in. It is definitely full of sentiment and I like it very much.

emilyet said...

I have not made it through everything yet but am working my way through all of your work as time allows. I am just going leave my comment here for everything I have read so far. I knew you were talented but WOW! You do such an exquisite job of putting all of your thoughts on paper. I hope to talk to you soon!