Darkness Fading

Slowly disappearing under the weight of responsibilities
I stopped seeing the world holding infinite possibilities
Feeling vulnerable and my defenses down
The smile vanished from my face, there was only a frown

Over me my good friends became protective
Making me step back and gain new perspective
Reminding me of all that I have and my own uniqueness
You can be strong and still have moments of weakness

Everything is alright everything is fine
The sadness I felt was a transitory decline
From the world I am no longer withdrawn
Rapidly fading my darkness is all gone

1 comment:

cjn said...

This poem is encouraging to me. I am glad I was one of those friends and the best part is that you do the same thing for me whenever I need it! If you ever need someone to hold up your chin so your neck can rest for a while, just give me a shout and I'd be there in a second!

Stay strong and focused and remember what I told you, every week consists of different types of days, just like every rainbow consists of many colors.

I love you and am glad you are on your way back. ;)