Thanatos is Death personified.

How do I know I’m not dead already? Suffering a slow death from suffocation. A fissure in my heart so deep. Every ounce of passion I once possessed sucked from my soul until all that will remain is a hollow shell. Destruction from indifference. When did you stop caring who I am or about the things I need? Becoming a faint imprint of who I used to be. Cast into the shadows waiting for your cue. How long have I been dying? Going so long unseen. Questioning every decision I have ever made. Casting off old beliefs. Gone is the time I thought love could actually surpass time and space. No longer is desire reflect in your eyes, unsure that it ever was. Only a dull light behind mine, desperate to shine bright again. When was the last time you reached for me with uncontained carnivorous hunger? Years of being close to death, inhaling my last breath and never knowing all along death could be a welcoming relief to an inexplicable pain.


cjn said...

You are strong and beautiful! You have so much to give and all a person has to do is open up his eyes and he will be given more than he ever realized possible.

You can pass this time of testing, don't give up. You, it, he, all worth it ;) I promise. Your dreams are not unrealistic, your desires are not too demanding and your hurt is not unfounded.

I love you my friend and will always be here to listen. Don't ever be fading without calling me to lift you. I will help you dust off your wings so you can take flight again.

fairyqueenness said...


B said...

I only hope you can find our way out of the oasis you are in. The time will come when you know when to take flight or fight.

I love you.