A collaborative piece by Calliope Jones and CJN

Thank you for always helping me when I am stuck.
This piece means a lot to me!

I’m caught between all you wish for and all I need.
How do we remain friends, how do we proceed?
The events as of late have opened a new door.
Now realizing things I didn't see before.

I would apologize if I knew what to say.
Your integrity and trust I never meant to betray.
You have known my heart for so long.
Rethinking it all, was I really so wrong?

I was compelled by curiosity and deep thought.
Your voice and language I secretly sought.
You’ve become my refuge when I needed support.
However in helping you I constantly fall short.

Finding solace together, we have never refrained,
Always there for one another, when the other is in pain.
Our souls mirror each other in perfect reflection,
So often you have guided me, offering your protection.

Never has there been a moment you didn't matter.
Without your friendship my foundation would shatter.
Can our bond continue as it has always been?
Knowing how each other think deep within.

I dread the thought of the damage caused.
Waiting for your response, my life is paused.
Seconds to minutes and minutes to hours.
Over my emotions you hold such power.

Your approval I desperately seek.
To think I don’t have it makes me feel weak.
Longing to hear your voice telling me all is well,
Until that time in anticipation I do dwell.

1 comment:

cjn said...

This poem means a alot to you for very deep and personal reasons. I was honored to be able to be a part of it! You are an amazing person, whom anyone would be blessed to have as a friend!