Your adoration I should be forsaking
From seclusion I am passively waking
My resolve to stay away is breaking
The thought of you leaves me shaking
I covet your masterful love making
Like warm summer fruit, I am ripe for the taking
I want you to build up in me that deep aching
The kind that stimulates an inner quaking


cjn said...

This is a good piece, I do feel a little cheated at the end, just because you never get what you are asking for, but it definitely leads your reader to understanding exactly what you want. Great job!

Calliope said...

Perhaps I will have to add to it when I am not at work *wink* Maybe I need to be inspired by the act to let "them" get what they want.

cjn said...

Good Luck on that one love! He's out of town, remember! lol