Where We Are The Way We Were

Watching you carefully I drank my coffee and ate my dessert
From across the room I wanted to flirt
Smelling so good, making my senses completely alert
You wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt

Completely enthralled, hoping not to fall
Life no longer appeared so small
Because of you I could stand tall
So I gave you my all

I felt like a bright shinning star
You just sat and played your guitar
Where we ended up seems so bizarre
We are the way we are, now you live so far


fairyqueenness said...

Love it! Yeah, I had alot of inspiration on that one including yuorself and a close friend of mine. What can I say, you write some amazing stuff and it stays with me. Thanks for the comments and the inspiration. Love ya girly

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Guess I need to stop by and read more - you have been very busy.