Taking Applications........

1. I have arrived at a profound realization
Empty, full circle with exasperation
The goal is to no longer have utter frustration
What has driven me to this grand revelation?

2. I am tired of waiting for his initiation
Experiencing such isolation
Desperately under provocation
I have had no communication

3. To no one, will I give an explanation
I won’t be cast into damnation
There will be no accusations
I will get everlasting vindication

4. There has been extensive alienation
A complete lack of affection
For self-preservation
I am taking applications

5. Your name brings forth a wonderful association
Become the rock of my foundation
I look at you as my salvation
Give me validation

6. I am coming to you with great anticipation
For you, I have built such admiration
In this plan I feel utter justification
For this has become a desperate situation

7. I am in a state of separation
A steady existence of stagnation
Suffering in silent suffocation
A wretched strangulation

8. I don’t think I have created any exaggeration
Experiencing nothing but starvation
A rotting limb in need of amputation
Just a simple operation

9. Through powerful observation
And careful deliberation
I can't have any procrastination
From my routine I have planned a deviation

10. Open to interpretations
I have enjoyed all the flirtation
For my body I believe you have an appreciation
Becoming a growing fascination

11. Help me make a transformation
I don't want there to be any misinterpretation
I am extending a rare invitation
Would you like a translation?

12. Let me give clarification……
You came to me with quite a reputation
You will receive complete compensation
To undergo an investigation

13. Needing a human connection
Requiring a demonstration
I need to know you possess innovation
On how to make a frantic creation

14. After all this is a consultation
Your performance will come with an evaluation
Please state your qualifications
What is your specialization?

15. Being around you creates such temptation
I hope you aren’t undergoing any trepidation
Because I have great expectations….
Just thinking about it my body hums with vibration

16. I understand that this carries heavy implications
However, I am putting you on notification
Some simple stipulations
Without equivocations

17. Let’s commence with negotiations:
No complications
No confrontation
No limitations
No ramifications

18. There will be no contract termination
No substitutes or imitations
Absolutely, No cancellations
This will create aggravation

19. Please give it some contemplation
It will take careful planning and estimation
We will need immediate activation
To make this a monthly reservation

20. From our lives we will take a brief vacation
With a small amount of concentration
Your words and my hands, a great combination
And proper motivation

21. It will be a grand destination
I do so encourage exploration
We won’t need a compass on this navigation
You will help me explore every sensation

22. Will you stick to my specifications?
I am happy to set up an illustration
I expect some adaptation
A period of acclimation

23. Create with inspiration
There should never be duplication
Perhaps a slight correlation
I am looking for improvisation

24. Accessing my memories with desperation
We must have complete relaxation
You are full of information
I want us to both reach jubilation

25. On your body find that special location
With careful calculations
We need the right kinds of variations
There has to be organization

26. The right measure of stimulation
With gentle acceleration
The perfect amount of masturbation
We may need to adjust calibration

27. I require gratification!
It will take extraordinary dedication
In order to reach maximum escalation
You won’t stop until there is an exclamation!

28. To my life, you have brought animation
I expect modifications and experimentation
If I don’t reach that euphoric state there will be devastation
I need to make a grand proclamation……..

29. Engaging in pure elation
Causing my heart to have a celebration
I can now say, "Congratulations!"
I am no longer Taking Applications


cjn said...

Holy Cow!!! lol.

It is obvious to me how much thought you put into this poem! After reading it several times, I have much more appreciation for what you were saying and I really like it!!

On a suggestive note, I think it would be helpful if you would break it into stanzas. It all flows together ultimately, but I think it would make it less confusing and a much easier read.

Very good my friend!

P.S. If you were ever to stop writing poetry, it would be an abomination. :-0

Calliope said...

Check it out now! I rearranged a few lines and broke it down as suggested by my personal editor. I think it is even better now. I had planned to go to bed at 9pm but I was struck with creative genius and stayed up until midnight working on it. I knew I would need to edit it again after I woke this morning. I like it even better. Maybe I will get inspired with 20 more lines, then I would have 10 stanzas with 10 lines apiece. Who knows......

cjn said...


I love it!!!!

It takes some concentration to get through it and stay with your point, but I think that is one of the things I like most about it, it is very deep!

cjn said...

I am very impressed with the end result. You have such a gift for words, that is one of the things I have always loved about you. It is a wonderful piece!