Mine and Her's

A friend and I picked out 20 words to see how we would use them differently

___________Caliiope Jones____________

Together in a private moment
She had exquisite turquoise eyes
A tremendous smile
A lonely whisper escaping her lips
With a raw fresh aroma
Murmuring her name
Swollen goddess in need of joy
To ignite in a fiery blaze
One orgasm to satisfy
And a candy kiss
To concrete her place in this world

___________Caliiope Jones____________

naked woman beneath a stormy sky
penetrating a magnificent bouquet
paradise touched and cherished
pleasure embraced
exploring, pounding tasting
delicious, velvet, soft
finding the magical button
a flicker of happiness crossing our faces
dropping together to the ground in exhaustion
embracing what can never be


A Concrete Memory

I remember how her lips burned like a fiery blaze,
Joy murmurs in my heart when I remember the days.
At the moment we gave into deep private desires,
Coming together, we would explore and inquire.

Under the fresh turquoise sheets we sealed our fate.
Her candy I longed for her sugar I ate.
Never forgetting the whispers we shared in our kiss.
Her swollen breasts and raw emotion I deeply miss.

An exquisite aroma when I found her special place,
Satisfying a goddess, memorizing her beautiful face.
In the dark, we shared a tremendous time,
The ultimate orgasm flashes again in my mind.


Beneath his strong bones, I am a woman
I urge him to pleasure me just once more
He chooses to explore my delicious ocean
Seeing his eyes flicker in the candlelight
As a magnificent storm builds inside of me
I cherish the velvet, naked moment
I have found paradise in his touch
We embrace the bouquet of exquisite passion
He has penetrated my heart
Pounded his self into my soul
Touched the magic button
At his climax exhausted, together we drop


cjn said...

YES!!!! We do rock, don't we! It is amazing how we can collaborate together and separately and still work with the same concepts. We need to do this more often, it inspired me in a whole new direction. Thanks!

cjn said...

I remember the day we wrote these poems together.. It was awesome to write with you and I miss it!!! I think these poems turned out amazing!!! You are my best friend and we really know each other, inside and out... I love you and I hope you know that, always.

Carolee said...

I miss writing with you.... :(