weathering the storm

From a dear friend to me in a time of crisis. She is my rock and I adore her!

my wings are heavy
the air is damp
during the downpour
it is hard for me to fly
held down from the weight
drained from the fight
I am motionless
sensing my weakness
full of self doubt
aware of the storm around me
unable to see through the dark clouds
so I wait
restless and dripping
for the sun to come out
for it to shine again
drying the wetness away
so I may fly once more
wishing for my cocoon
where I was able to hide away
shelter the storm
wavering in the wind
I am crying within
longing to be full of life
instead of roaming aimlessly
this day has been so long
a shiver in my heart
I feel cold on the inside
seeing no reason to smile
feeling like a useless creature
what good is a butterfly
who’s burden is heavy and wet
holding her down
unable to show her grace
isolated from her nest
soon I will see hope
the threat to my delicate soul
will evaporate
when the sun peeks through the clouds
a rainbow to form in the distance
my outlook will change
my wings will begin to dry
I will be able to soar in the clean air
fresh from the rain
I realize
it is just a single moment
of dark, of helplessness
as I fade
but my wings will dry
and I will fly again.


1 comment:

Calliope said...

This is such a beautiful piece that captures every raw emotion I was feeling. Thank you so much for always being there and being my friend. I adore you.