Your silence is like a desert; endless, empty, wide
For so long intimacy from you has been denied
Against my face the fiery wind blows
Sand shifting between my toes

Why to this desolate place have I been banished?
My fear, I will wander here too long and simply vanish
Dehydrated from all the tears I have wept
This isolation I can not accept

Once again you have asked for space
From your heart I feel I am slowly being erased
Desperate for an oasis from the pain
Delirious and dazed, you have me going insane

My pleas fall like echoes on deaf ears
Already parched, I can spare no tears
Always making me feel like my need
Was born not of desire, but of greed

I have built up such a thirst
My lungs feel like they may burst
Out stretched is my hand
As I cross this scorched land

My skin is rapidly burning
And I am slowly learning
Under the blazing sun
Your love for me has come undone

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cjn said...

You have once again amazed me with your creative, descriptive words. Anyone who reads this piece will instantly realize the desperation of your heroine.