Truth or Realities of Life

Empty hands and emptier promises
Real eyes realize real lies
It will be our demise
Slowly coming unglued
You destroyed all that I valued
Muscles in my face are spent
Trying to smile and circumvent
The perfect picture is now endanger
Once friends we have become strangers
We are broken fragments of each other
No long good for one another
All the dreams we once chased
Can no longer be embraced
Perhaps this is my fate, to which I resign
But it makes it hard to believe in a divine design.


cjn said...



I really like not only the way it flows so smoothly, but also the choices of your words. It speaks for itself.

edurk388 said...

Amazing. Purely amazing. This is my favorite so far. I have definitely felt like this.

Anonymous said...

Indeed quite a powerful poem.