My Beautiful Butterfly

From your cocoon you will soon emerge
Your soul completely purged
Shedding all of your facade
A child’s innocence restored before God

The one that was given as your defender
Perverted the word love and became your offender
Turning it into a sinister warped perception
He took advantage of a small child, confusing her with deception

Taking a parents role, he blurred the lines
To him all the blame should be assigned
What happen WASN’T your fault, so don’t feel ashamed
No longer a victim, a survivor you can loudly proclaim

All around you there is love
Just lift your eyes to the sky above
When you have those dark moments, remember one thing
Only you can decided when to spread your wings


cjn said...

Maybe I am bias, but that is my most favorite poem you have written as of lately. It says so much in such a short scheme. It fits me and my father to a "T"! It is as if you are in my heart and know exactly what I am feeling! The rhymes you used were such interesting words, that were so right on with the meaning of the poem! It is great! I am honored to have the great Calliope Jones use me for a subject. LOL! Thank you, so much!

V said...

So sad and so beatifully put.

cjn said...

I read this poem out loud to my mother yesterday morning. She got real quiet and said, she really has a way with words doesn't she. I told her you are my best friend, you know my heart and yes, you can write like the best of them!! Once again, as always, I am honored to be one of the subjects of your written words. Love Ya!!