Down my cheeks hot tears slip
Salty water resting on my lips

A large hand reaches up to wipe them away
The look in your eyes let’s me know you were lead astray

I can see the evidence black and blue on your neck
My mind and heart are a complete wreck

Invisible to the naked eye, I feel clamped in chains
The love for you I once had has become mundane

How did we get to this place
All we had is a lie like a slap in the face

You stand before me and beg in vain
To surrender all, to be vulnerable love is completely insane

I don’t know that I can forgive
Without you I am unsure I want to live

Where do we go from here?
I will never know if your words are sincere

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cjn said...

I want to make sure I am with you on this one. Is this two different persons being personified? It has some very powerful lines.