From the beginning, our fates were intertwined
I cannot breathe for the feeling of longing
We thought it often, yet spoke of it never

Restless into the night, exquisite agony
Pretending to be where we are not
Drowning slowly in gentle, wanton choice

Pathetically clutching my false memories
I loved you like no other, but was it real?
Living inside what can never be known

Relentless racket in my head
A lot can happen in your mind
Sanity confessing to insanity

Melting into you, never before understood
Oh, how I want you to know me
I miss thee, my heart will be lifeless


B said...

i like this. I feel like this alot. Because of who I am and what I feel. I am torn between who I want to be now and what I can give and yet deal with what was given away and what was taken.

cjn said...

This is so hard. I love the deep description. It could feel the emotion!

edurk388 said...

very emotional. love it. i can relate.