His pain was like a lighthouse
A bright beacon on a stormy night
Radiant light reaching out piercing the dark
Beckoning you forward
His heart hammered like the thunder across the sky
His soul calling out to hers
Wind and rain beat fists down upon us
Lightening illuminated the sky
She was like the jagged rocks
That the waves broke upon
Crashing down hard
Until they wore smooth
Hope disappearing like the clouds
Nothing would be the same

Truth or Realities of Life

Empty hands and emptier promises
Real eyes realize real lies
It will be our demise
Slowly coming unglued
You destroyed all that I valued
Muscles in my face are spent
Trying to smile and circumvent
The perfect picture is now endanger
Once friends we have become strangers
We are broken fragments of each other
No long good for one another
All the dreams we once chased
Can no longer be embraced
Perhaps this is my fate, to which I resign
But it makes it hard to believe in a divine design.


This day is as long as life, and I am anxious for it's end.
The wind is a blade, stripping the warmth from my body

In this moment all other moments ceased to exist
Here at the edge of reason, undone I reach for your hand

Lost in the memory of your kisses, I forget to remember my anguish
I can no longer bare the pain of your loss, I long to be released from it

My heart is torn from my chest and lowered into the ground with you
As the stars fall on your closed eyes, we surrendered you to the sky


From the beginning, our fates were intertwined
I cannot breathe for the feeling of longing
We thought it often, yet spoke of it never

Restless into the night, exquisite agony
Pretending to be where we are not
Drowning slowly in gentle, wanton choice

Pathetically clutching my false memories
I loved you like no other, but was it real?
Living inside what can never be known

Relentless racket in my head
A lot can happen in your mind
Sanity confessing to insanity

Melting into you, never before understood
Oh, how I want you to know me
I miss thee, my heart will be lifeless

Hopelessly Broken

Serenity in a corrosive state
Reduced to emptiness and hate
Tremendous discontent
Elaborate torment
Sadness allowed to devour
Laughter and hope can no longer empower
From my throat tore loud screams
Despair no longer allows me to dream
Thrusted into a deep abyss
I am simply left to reminisce

My Beautiful Butterfly

From your cocoon you will soon emerge
Your soul completely purged
Shedding all of your facade
A child’s innocence restored before God

The one that was given as your defender
Perverted the word love and became your offender
Turning it into a sinister warped perception
He took advantage of a small child, confusing her with deception

Taking a parents role, he blurred the lines
To him all the blame should be assigned
What happen WASN’T your fault, so don’t feel ashamed
No longer a victim, a survivor you can loudly proclaim

All around you there is love
Just lift your eyes to the sky above
When you have those dark moments, remember one thing
Only you can decided when to spread your wings


Waves of Mahogany hair
Dewy skin that smells like pear
Eyes wickedly holding a smile
Plump pink lips, so versatile
Full breasts lifting with every breath
Shapley legs incased in silk stockings
Your heart I plan unlocking

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in my touch
Brushing my lips across yours, I want you so much
Dripping with desire, sexual confidence you exude
I have dreamt and yearned for this interlude
Gliding my hands down the inside of your thigh
Gently parting your legs, my instructions you won’t DEFY
Finding your wet, silky, smooth essences

Your body humming with vibration and temptation
Committing to every single tingle and sensation
Creating a hunger with deliberate friction
Excitement swelling, unrestrained, a necessary addiction
Determination mixed with pleasure shown on your beautiful face
Urgency felt, as your breathing becomes a quicker pace,

Well manicured nails slightly digging into my shoulder
My movements becoming more intense and bolder
Your head thrashing from side to side
For you, no pleasure is denied
Tiny moans escape your lips
As you convulse against my fingertips


Down my cheeks hot tears slip
Salty water resting on my lips

A large hand reaches up to wipe them away
The look in your eyes let’s me know you were lead astray

I can see the evidence black and blue on your neck
My mind and heart are a complete wreck

Invisible to the naked eye, I feel clamped in chains
The love for you I once had has become mundane

How did we get to this place
All we had is a lie like a slap in the face

You stand before me and beg in vain
To surrender all, to be vulnerable love is completely insane

I don’t know that I can forgive
Without you I am unsure I want to live

Where do we go from here?
I will never know if your words are sincere


I want so badly for things to be alright
Until they are that it will stay night
I am so sorry when we fight
To you this letter I write

I am wishing for you to stay
That I can mend us in some way
To undo all the hurt we have caused today
These are the things that I pray

Is there any way to reach you
I know we can see this through
Start fresh, anew
My love for you is true

A Physiological State

We were drawn together by fate
My words for you I create
I get aroused when we debate
Being around you makes me feel great
To you I can so easily relate
My feelings for you, sometimes you negate
But I believe you are my soul mate
So for you, I will forever wait………