Why Don't You And I

When I met Parker I felt this way. Like I had wings on my shoes that would carry me away. I don't think I have ever encountered someone that made me forget what I was about to say and then when I would say something I would get tongue tied and things would come out all wrong.

I wanted to see him more often but really had no logical reason to. Then when I would see him I found myself wanting to tell him things I would not normally say to someone I barely knew. I felt like I was on some high, some trip that I was easily becoming addicted to.


Calliope said...

Today this song rung out on my blackberry and my day just felt a 1000 times better.

It is his ring tone and he almost never calls me but when I hear this familiar song play my shoes get wings.

I love to hear the smoothness of his voice, I love the accent in his words and I flat out adore everything about this man.

I wish he understood I want more then just his body. I want all of him. I want him to be mine.

All I can say is mmmmmm....

that girl said...

yeah...wow, all the same.