In the bleakest of moments you are incandescent
Swallowing hard against this perplexing need
You are cloaked in mystery and intrigue
I have longed to absorb and understand all of your complexities
You are extraordinary at giving me all that I require
Quenching a quiet need that has remained unspoken

Immersing yourself into my folds you urge me to ask
An allusive question I can not allow my lips to form
Yearning felt deep to my core, heat and fire ignited
Urging you with soft vulnerable movements offering complete surrender
To reach that euphoric state where you belong to only me
Ecstasy so powerful it makes you forget time and space

Cruel reality awaits me when I come down from my high
Inevitable truths; you are not mine and I am not yours
Being reckless, haunting me to death with hidden sorrow
An impulse that creates guilt on the life you have built
There is no purification for the soul, twisted regret
My heart is bleeding, with you I will have no tomorrows

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Calliope said...

Incandescent: Admitting light, shinning, characterized by ardent emotion or intensity or brilliance.

To assign this characteristic to a human being is deeply profound; for them to mean that much to you, for you to see them in that way. Our humanity to and towards others should be described as incandescent.