A collaboration from CJN and Calliope Jones:

Smiling when I escape back to the weak moment of our perfect chemistry
I am about to access my beloved memories
They mysteriously empower me and quench a quiet need
I yearn for another interlude, will you take the lead?
I remember the savage urging within me the first time you led me to no return
Your touch lit a fuse in me making my insides burn
Though it may sound absurd, I feel trembling when I think of it
You are an ideal, one of a kind, a drug I cannot quit
Though some may chastise, I think back with no regret
I question if memories are useless nonsense, however you I will never forget
I visualize your handsome face, hoping to justify my broken heart
Wanting more then anything for you to stay, you still decided to depart
Our friendship lead us on a quest of proportions so deep
Your image comes to me so easy and potent, a memory I long to keep.

A sucker punch you gave me, now I cringe at the truth
When we met I was naive and in my youth
Thinking my heart was safe in your furl, not realizing your promises were void
I have a knot in my stomach because I know our future has been destroyed
Maybe to you our love was trivial, an empty ride of promises broken
But I gave you my all, my heart was my gift, my love was unspoken
I prayed you would stay, that to you I would not become another bore
Instead you knocked me down like all your other whores
Leaving me broken and alone to loath you, like the others before me
But it's done, it's over, now I have to move on and erase you from my memory
You will see in the end, you lost the best thing you ever had
And you will come back, but by then it will be so sad
Cuz this bitch doesn't forget, she doesn't just let it slip on by
Anger has come now that I am over your heartless good-bye.

cjn & Calliope Jones


cjn said...

You are right, we did an awesome job! I like the drastic mood change. It was fun!!!

V said...

Damn! That was so good, I felt that with you.