Forever cherished my beautiful goddess

You are the very essences of my soul
Forever falling further into the depths of your spell
In your safety I will forever dwell

To want you is to say a bird wants to take to the wind
Perfumed waves caress the air, I wake from a long sleep
Sweet dreams of you I want to keep

To leave the impression of my body upon yours
Craving to be near you, I yearn to feel skin on skin
Energizing my spirit, making my mind spin

A drunken lust, I search for pleasure
Deep burning magnificent desire
Like rising flames in a roaring fire

Exploring, embracing, celebrating passion
Our limbs intertwining becoming one
Stimulating me to my core, you make me cum undone

Naked breasts, strong arms, lingering touches
Worshiped and adored a sacred gift
Slowly under your weight I shift

Trusting, tasting, squeezing, pleasing
Exploring with my hands and lips
There is passion all the way to my fingertips

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cjn said...

I love that this poem is so free. No rhyme scheme! It creates a perfectly illustrated picture in my mind!