Saying Good-Bye

A planned vacation in July
I am suffocating and want to die
How did thing ever go so awry?

We once had love, that I can not deny
On a starry night staring into the sky
Happiness found us, new to love and shy

On you I can no longer rely
Letting out an exasperated sigh
All I can do is ask why?

I place my hand on your thigh
I slowly begin to cry
Life is to short to slide by

An end I must imply
My eyes are now bone dry
All is left is to say good-bye

1 comment:

V said...

There is nothing worse than finally relizing the person you counted on the most is the one person you can't count on at all. Poeple never change. Those who you think have changed have done nothing more than at last reveled who thay really are.