Sarah Kay...... Hands

This is not my piece of work, and it is only a small clip but I met two people on the same day years ago that have impacted me deeply and they had a conversation with me about hands. This may only make sense over all to them but I think there is truth in her lines. That conversation stuck with me so much that when I stumbled upon this I knew I had to add it. So here it is.

Hands learn more then minds do. Hands learn to hold other hands. How to grip pencils and mold poetry. How to tickle piano keys, dribble basketballs and grip the handles of a bicycle. How to hold old people and touch babies. I love hands like I love people. They are the maps and compasses with which we navigate our way through life. Some people read palms to tell you your future, but I read hands to read your past. Each scar makes a story worth telling. Each callus palm or cracked knuckle a missed punch or years working in a factory.........

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