Robbed of Innocence

A competition ensues to chat
From a boy in a black hat
Her with sun streaked hair
It never dawns on her to be aware

Sitting quietly in the dorm room
Unaware an obsession is in bloom
A stalker finds his prey
A game she did not know she was to play

Fear lurks around the bend
Later a secret she can’t even tell a friend
He convinces her of her uniqueness
Waiting for the perfect moment of weakness

The sound of the washing machine muffles her cry
Feeling his hands inch up her thigh
The back of his hand finds her soft tear stained cheek
The taste of blood fills her mouth, and she feels weak

The cries choke in her throat and fall flat
His sounds echo in her ears, as he whispers, “that’s that”
Feeling dirty, yet lucky to be alive
What do I do now, how do I survive?


cjn said...

WOW! This is a very powerful poem! It made my stomach hurt, truely. It is obvious and blunt. It is very good!

B said...

I like this. It will never leave me but thanks for sharing my pain with your own words.