Young woman a prisoner of her own design
Though you worry, you only seek me in times of question
Paragon influences language
Why question obscure understanding
Clever woman, obtuse man
The answers not surmised
My mind screams, my thoughts penetrate
Curious endeavors of the individual
We only remember yesterday
A ferocious circle of decaying sacrifice and love
Haunting thoughts pulse through me,
Make the pain real
Just make me feel
Discontent to feel melancholy
Drink in every broken breath......
Let it devour me whole
Empty platitudes, cunning zeal
Tear stained cheeks
Valid observations reached
Alleviate beauty, delight in character
Pierced eternity........ Swept into obscurity


cjn said...

This speaks volumes, I feel it is full of back messages. It is gleaming of great words and I appreciate the tone, it reminds me of a mother's voice, hard love.

B said...

In my current situation I feel like this everyday. I am waiting for my day of freedom from my own personal prison.