Sweet madness lies in wait
Pierced by an unlucky love
I feel hounded by this dream
My voice is stuck, I cannot scream
Under the light of the delirious sky
I think I long to die
Waking to see through groggy eyes
I know that I will hear only lies
Becoming more aware as my senses fully wake
I know you cannot give, only take
My soul is confined rapidly rotting
I begin secretly plotting
My palm flat to your chest
Your heart beating deep inside
Inches from me, I see your face
My pulse begins to race
Fighting the tears, I lie slowly aching
I shake inside as I feel my heart breaking
I force myself to hold back as I roll away
Wishing more than anything I could stay

I long for the time to stand still
Yet I have no self control, no will
Then I remember, you no longer care
Silently beside you I will no longer share
My dreams are now mine, mine alone
Your heart is as cold as stone.
My loins still burn
My stomach begins to churn
In the shadowy glade
I refuse to do it with a blade
Now in the ties that bind
I think I may change my mind
Tightly bound,
Not making a sound
Fighting with all your might
You just hung there in endless flight.

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B said...

I love this. I imagine his body dangling, with the breath escaping his lungs. Anyone who has ever had their heart broken, ripped out and stepped on can feel the undertones this presents.