“You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me.”
Scott Adams

As of late I have been influenced deeply by several people in my life that are all going through a tough time. Each one is strong and facing a completely different situation. Nonetheless their pain and growth has opened my eyes to a world I sometimes forget.

It is so easy to focus on short term goals and issues that directly effect us, we are often blind to the things happening all around us. The war, famine, economic crisis and on a smaller scale a friends marriage, childhood pain, and violation to a sister’s soul.

Their strength has influenced me in a way that I am having a tough time finding words for, yet these things have slowly robbed them of joy and happiness.

Take a moment and think hard about a person in your life that has given you strength perhaps at their weakest moment. Also let us think on how we may pass that strength on to someone else.


B said...

I like this. Thank you for being there in my weakest moment.I hope some day to return the favor. Anytime anywhere.

cjn said...

Feeling like I may be one of these people, I am honored to know a strong woman like you, who gives me love and encouragement! You are one of my strongest shoulders and I am thankful for your friendship and warmed to hear that I might inspire you. What an awesome thought! Thank you!

that girl said...

in a small new way you have...influenced me. thank you.

Calliope said...

@that girl,

Thank you. Your experiences and thought have influenced me as well. Sometimes we just need permission to feel how we feel. You will find your way.