Mischievous Sprite

Heart melting smile with the lips of mischievous sprite
A soft voice used to worship woman
Champagne drenched kisses
I use my poetry to speak to you
Delicious moist breath......
You don’t hear my words, but you embrace my questions
Sacred secrets felt
Fingers burn to tell stories
Candle light flickers across your face
Whispers tantalizing you ear
Listen, trust, celebrate, dance
Explore my thoughts, caress the depths of my soul 
Velvet corduroy, hard throbbing womanhood 
Slowly disappearing under the weight of responsibility
Don’t allow tomorrow to come
Let eternity wait

1 comment:

cjn said...

This poem reminds me of the old days, when you and I used to write poetry with our magnetic poetry kits and would make the most erotic and intense poetry imaginable. This is great!