Forever Cherished Goddess

Forever falling further into the depths of your spell
In your safety I will forever dwell
Perfumed waves caress the air
Soft brown hair
I wake from a long sleep
Sweet dreams of you I want to keep
Craving to be near you
Patiently awaiting your cue
I yearn to feel skin on skin
Drinking you in, making my mind spin
Deep burning magnificent desire
Like rising flames in a roaring fire
Stimulating me to my core,
You are the one I adore
Our limbs intertwining becoming one
Making me cum undone
Worshiped and adored a sacred gift
Slowly under your weight I shift
Exploring with my hands and lips
There is passion all the way to my fingertips


cjn said...

Okay, I have a "serious" questions. Did you intentionally say "making me cum undone"? I was just wondering if that usage was intentional. lol. This poem is beautiful and I love the way it flows. It is very rhythmic.

Ana said...

I love it!!