For Heather...............

Fields and fields of purple heather
Little houses are strung together
The moon sleeps and I am left wondering
Through life am I just blundering?

We were worlds apart from love
My body you just made use of
Your love I never doubted
But then my mind was clouded

A quiet understanding was reached
When at first my trust was breached
You left and never explained
For our daughter my anger I try to contain

Things will never be the same
For it is you who should be ashamed
Twelve years you have put into bags
Over your new conquests you want to brag

Our marriage vowels you could not adhere
It would be easier if you would just disappear
Our little girl will feel the impact
Will her heart be left intact?


edurk388 said...

Wow! I completely understand this.

cjn said...

I doesn't take a person who has "been there, done that" to understand exactly what you are saying. This poem flows perfectly and reminds me of a time, not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

You captured everyone of my feelings in this. Thanks. I love you.

B said...

This made me cry. As I await the answer I wonder just this everyday. I appreciate your support in my old shoes.