For a friend........

Trapped in a timeless existence
We are separated by such distance
I crave a time of honest joy
My love for you, you slowly destroy
When you dress, it is no longer for me
My desires come out in a breathless plea

I beg you to seek assistance
But I am faced with such resistance
You tantalize me with hope of change
But our kisses are broken-promises exchanged
Wanting so much more, I find myself blue
I no longer know how to see this through

We merely partake in co-existence
This marriage is bound to burst under this persistence
My life with you I want to share
I fall to my knees in prayer
Shouldering the responsibility for your happiness, I can’t let go
For I fear a broken heart is all I am to know

1 comment:

cjn said...

and you have found that broken heart, but you know what, in the end you will be better for it... If only he would have known what he had in you... the most amazing, creative, beautiful, intelligent, loving and sensual woman he will ever know.