Carousel Ride

The coolness of the air outside
The smell of funnel cake fried
I spotted the carousel ride

In her big brown eyes all wide
I saw a desire implied
I jumped on a horse to ride alongside

Such a small space was the only divide
A brief touch of her hand did provide
In her I wanted to confide

The waves I felt deep inside
There was a hunger that could not be denied
I want our bodies to collide

Up and down on the horse I did glide
Every movement she complied
Making my insides slide

Feeling like a great over whelming tide
I didn’t want to lose our stride
I never wanted that feeling to subside

It was good for me she replied
My chest swelled with pride
I felt all tongue tied

I will never forget that carousel ride

1 comment:

cjn said...

You surely didn't lie,
It is a memory we can't deny,
Under the midnight sky,
Painted horses under our thighs,
Times we hold deep inside,
A friendship that has no good-byes.